Stair Lifts      

Anxious walking down the hall after turning off the lights at night? 

Upset that your knees and hips ache after going up or down a simple flight of steps? 

Keystone barrier free living has answers for all your needs.


Providing a Safe Environment
Personal safety monitors provide piece of mind.  When an emergency happens,
 help is only a button push away.

Adding levered handles to doors

 Widening doorways with simple hinge replacements. 

There are many inexpensive modifications to make everyday challenges easier. 

Kitchen and Bath Renovations       
Disappointed at how hard it is to reach heavy dinner plates. 

Is getting up from the toilet or out of the shower becoming nerve racking? 

Upset that grab bars might look ugly?

New barrier free improvements can enhance the look of your home.
Let a Keystone, barrier free living assessment survey reveal the best design for you.

(248) 471-6260 

Home Modifications

               Ramps, Steps and Railings
Worried about falling while entering your own home?
Frustrated keeping a screen door open while trying to unlock your door?
  Custom designed and built to your needs, steps, ramps, and railings look great, are affordable and safely help you keep your independence.
Would it make sense to discuss more comfortable ways to come and go with a Keystone, CAPS trained professional?

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